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            Position: Sales Assistant

            Position: Sales Assistant
            1. Assist the sales manager to take orders, monthly sales data filed
            2. Assist the maintenance of old customers, good communication with customers
            3. participate in the exhibition
            4. participate in the exhibition
            5. publishing company products and develop new customers
            6. Customers to visit reception
            7. Sales Manager when they go out, in a timely manner to convey customer information
            8. properly handle Good company meeting
            9. collection and collation of industry data and information
            10. collection and collation of industry data and information
            11. track customer shipments, and the company's financial reconciliation and to assist Dunning matters
            12. to assist the quality department to complete customer complaints
            13. assist other day-to-day administrative matters, including booking hotel and air tickets

            1. A male or female,21-25-year-old
            2. college or graduate3
            3. 1-2 years of relevant work experience
            4. marketing, economic or trade-related graduate
            5. pass CET-4
            6. cheerful and easygoing, willing to communicate with others
            7. responsive
            8. understanding and comprehension
            9. things carefully ease
            10. English four, listening, speaking, reading and writing ability
            11. Willing to learn the product knowledge of pressure sensors, able to adapt to the culture of SMEs, to grow with company